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Long Distance Services

We are a long distance moving company with comprehensive services for successful relocations. Even if your moving needs go beyond a local relocation, R&R Moving and Storage Inc. can successfully handle your long distance moving. Entrusting an interstate move with  R&R Moving and Storage Inc.  guarantees you a full range of moving services managed by qualified, professional long distance movers. 

Long Distance Moving Company Services Our moving services begin with the planning of your move and packing of your belongings. There are three options for packing: full-service packing, fragile-only packing and self-pack. If self-pack is chosen, we can provide you with the necessary moving supplies such as moving  boxes, barrels and stretch wrap. Other moving services offered by  R&R Moving and Storage Inc. include disassembly and/or assembly of furniture and  appliances. If you want your moving boxes unpacked as part of your long distance moving plan, just let us know. We also offer debris removal, storage, installation and assembly assistance as your interstate movers. One of the best aspects of choosing R&R Moving and Storage Inc. as your long distance moving company is the bottom line pricing. What we quote you in your moving estimate is your guaranteed price,  and it will never be exceeded. Your relocation specialist can assist you with developing your customized long distance moving plan, implementing the moving services you desire. Your interstate move is completely personalized to match your individual needs and wishes as dictated by you. You can opt for as many or as few of the  R&R Moving and Storage Inc., as you desire. Put your interstate move in our hands, and leave your next  long distance relocation to us.Type your paragraph here.

Office movers and business relocation

Moving a business needs to be viewed as a mission critical event. During the office moving process, it is probable some segments of your company will be essentially out of business. Files, computers ,records and phones will be inaccessible. Your staff may not be able to access the tools they require to serve your customers needs. Can you afford to trust your future to a moving company that may not perform.
Corporate relocation:
Corporate relocation is a moving need that comes with its own specialized considerations and guidelines. A seemingly daunting task, your corporate relocation can be made to go easily and quickly with assistance from carefully chosen professionals with a proven track record of providing quality service. There are specialized moving companies dedicated to serving the needs of corporate relocation. These companies are experienced with all of the many facets of a corporate move, and can assure that the relocation is as smooth and efficient as possible. By choosing a moving company especially geared toward meeting the needs of corporate relocation, you'll be sure to get great results. As with a residential move, begin preparing for the relocation of your corporation months in advance of the actual move date. By planning ahead, you'll be sure to complete the move in a timely and cost-efficient manner.​

Shipping Freight

R&R Moving and Storage Inc. gives you instant great carriers.  Choose the best freight rates and service options for truckload and less than truckload (LTL) shipping, international, air freight services and international freight shipping.  R&R Moving and Storage Inc. provides individuals and businesses through out United States with the most efficient freight shipping solutions available. We make every effort to ensure that our pricing is competitive and technology is robust and up to standards of today's dynamic  markets.  freight shipping services. We ensure the success of our organization  through recognition of contributions made to our company by our stakeholders, customers and associates.


We offer storage solutions from one box to an entire household. Your belongings will be stored in a modern state-of-the-art facility that offers 24 hour security We can accommodate all your needs for warehouse storage in the us. Security Our storage facility was designed with your security in mind including, fire, theft, smoke alarms and 24 hour video surveillance cameras and motion detectors. Prices range according to your shipment size.


Packing services are available through  R&R Moving and Storage Inc. We do provide a professional packing crew to pack up your personal belongings. Let R&R Moving and Storage Inc. to do your pack and load and unload and take all of the stress and worries out of your upcoming move. We do provide packing materials at a discounted rate when you use our packing services. This service can really be a convenience for your busy life and could actually save you a lot of time and money when you consider the time you must take off work to pack and prepare for your move. Please give us a call for your free estimate on your pack up and load and unload.


Experience the Flexibility of a Moving Trailer

Whether you're moving a large or small residence, loading into on are truck is a great moving solution. With this moving option, you pay only for the space you use.

How a Trailer Move Works  R&R Moving and Storage Inc. delivers an empty 28-foot trailer or 48-foot to  your residence.  You have up to 24h to load.  BHT Transportation picks up the trailer and moves it to your new location.  You have up to 24h to unload.  Moving trailer benefits Pay only for the space you use. Additional space is always available. Free loading ramps.  Easy to install Experience the Flexibility of a Moving Trailer.

International Shipping

If you are shipping internationally or moving  R&R Moving and Storage Inc, and exporting personal belongings, household goods, boxes, crates, pallets, furniture, appliances, commercial cargo, manufactured goods, needs to be  shipped overseas, we will help you with all our shipping methods to ensure a safe, fast, and efficient move for your shipment. We understand your need for finding quality service without the big price tag. By shipping with R&R Moving and Storage Inc. you will save time and money without sacrificing peace of mind. For your convenience we offer weekly sailing in most cases. Whether it is just your car or your entire home, they are the ones to go to. We know just how to make your heavy load light. We transport all your stuff by ship and also take care of other  things like storage for your goods, van service, packing and unpacking,  etc. We give you the right quote, so there is nothing to stop you from engaging with us.